TBT: Newtown Hardware House by premier artist Davie Moore

Davie Moore was born in the seaside town of Weymouth, Dorset, England. As a small boy he would sit on Quay, dreaming of sailing to America and beyond. He began sketching at a very young age, winning many local competitions for his drawings and paintings. Leaving school at age 15, he continued to paint while working odd jobs. In 1972, Davie joined the British Merchant Navy and went to sea. Recognizing his mechanical and creative talents, Cunard Cruise Lines sent him to college. After graduation, Davie served aboard many of Canard's ships as the Engineering Officer including the line' flagship vessel the QE2. After circumnavigating the globe seven or more times, he returned to England. In 1989, Davie bought Tean, a 25-foot wreck of a sailboat. Refitting the boat by hand, he added many of his own inventions, as well as ind and solar power.Finally he began living his dream that now included sailing to and linking all of the towns in the world named for his hometown Weymouth. Stopping temporarily in Weymouth, Massachusetts, he began drawing and painting again creating local scenes. Commissions for his original art and personalized work soon followed. In 1994, he sailed back to England, and then, without an engine set sail for Weymouth, New Zealand. This was the last voyage of the Tean. A tale filled with adventure too incredible to recount in this limited space. Sadly the story of the Tean ends when, after five months alone in the vast expanse of the South Pacific, blown off course, drifting, surviving on flying fish, Davie hit a reef in the night and Tean sink and was lost. Penniless, Davie returned to New England where he began sketching and painting once again. Once more, his art provided the oppertunity to fund and build a new boat - this time of steel. Launched at Plymouth, Massachusetts, the 28' SV Nantascot sailed south, then to Bermuda and Europe. After living aboard for several years the Nantascot was sold. Davie returned to the United States and recently he and his wife moved to Newtown. Davie has begun again drawing local scenes, as well as custom portraits of homes, automobiles, and pets. Davie's work can be seen on display at our South State Street gallery as well as a collection of his prints & greeting cards.

215 968-2246
2 South State Street, Newtown, PA, 18940
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