TBT: The Brick by premier painter David Ohlerking

Every artist has his source of inspiration. Cezanne was drawn to the French countryside. Picasso painted the beautiful women he fell in love with. Local artist David Ohlerking's muse is Bucks County

If you live in the area you've probably seen David Ohlerking painting on the street. If you've seen David, you've seen his car, or rather his studio. All of his supplies are right in the trunk, including several jars of paint. As he travels throughout the county to paint different parts, David attracts many curious spectators. He even lets a few of them try out his paintbrushes. However, only the most gifted and natural artists among them get the chance to participate-little kids. David offers his Ford Crown Victoria as a free-range canvas to young creative spirits. As a result it has become a work of art in itself. Layered with colorful brushstrokes and splashes of paint, the car is a traveling exhibition for everyone to see and enjoy.

Like the children he lets paint his car, Ohlerking embraces the power of spontaneity in his work. His style is energetic, fluid, and full of movement, giving a vibrant personality to Bucks. Buildings and streets take on a new life, and seem ready to leap off the canvas. David's original artwork can be seen on permanent display at our State Street gallery.

215 968-2246
2 South State Street, Newtown, PA, 18940
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