TBT: Antique by digital photographer Flint Cohen

Flint Cohen is a contemporary digital collage artist currently living in the beautiful area surrounding Buck's County, Pennsylvania. His unique art has been the product of an amazingly early creativity that has been developed over two decades of working with high end image manipulation software. Flint's images continue to push the limits of digital imagery and the perception of what the medium can accomplish. He talks about how it all began by saying, "I have been an artist from birth, but my love of sculpture and digital imagery began with my mother bringing home one of the earliest computer technology in the mid 80's. Even then I could foresee that this tool would be the evolution of visual expression."

After graduating the internationally respected Maryland Institute College of Art, the artist used his skill and creativity to begin a long and successful career in advertising; a field he is still working in today. The combination of a classical fine art education coupled with a 25+ year emersion in all forms of broadcast, printed and digital marketing has given a richness to his work of unique artistic concept and precise technological execution.

Flint's work has been acclaimed and seen in media used by blue chip companies, in large commercial spaces and in the ever-changing world of fashion merchandise. Always seeking the ultimate, Flint works with an exceptional craft printer who is able to create large format acid-free archival prints with the true and rich vibrant color suitable for his fine art. This allows Flint to print his composites in a form that translates the images accurately from screen to frame.

215 968-2246
2 South State Street, Newtown, PA, 18940
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