TBT: Untitled by photographer Melissa Friedman

Bucks County photographer and Philadelphia native Melissa Friedman's father gave her one of her first cameras when she was only sixteen. She soon enrolled in a photography course "just for fun" and something magical happened - "I became hooked". Photography has since become more than just a job... it's Melissa's jump up and down, goose bumps, & teary-eyed passion.

Along this journey, life has taught her the fragility of each moment, how easily they can be forgotten and that there is beauty in the everyday magic as well as the milestones. Capturing these moments with photographs is what Melissa loves to do and she feels privileged to provide to others.

Melissa strives to create images that invoke emotion, provide powerful reminders of moments in time and tell a story. A Photographer's images should be a real, honest, & intimate representation that you can enjoy for years to come and Melissa accomplishes this with her talents. Melissa's original work can be seen on display at our South State Street gallery.

215 968-2246
2 South State Street, Newtown, PA, 18940
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