TBT: Untitled by premier photographer Michael D. Becker

Michael D. Becker is an internationally published photographer specializing in lifestyle, portrait, and corporate photography. His work has appeared in dozens of fashion and beauty magazines such as Elléments Magazine, Fuse Magazine, VOLO Magazine,
and Dark Beauty Magazine to name a few. Michael lives in BucksCounty, PA, but was raised in the great city of Chicago and is a loyal Cubs baseball fan,which just goes to show that he's an eternal optimist!
Michael has an Associate of Science in Photography degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Passionate about environmental portraiture, he likes producing images that provide insight into a subject's life, surroundings, interests and unique character, rather than merely producing a likeness of their physical features. His photographic style can best be summarized as cinematic, colorful, high impact imagery
designed to provoke thought and evoke emotion from the viewer.
Michael uses photography to encounter new people, explore new places, and discover new opportunities. Some of his images offer familiar settings or relatable subjects, while others incorporate slightly abstract or surreal elements.
When he's not writing about himself in the third person, Michael likes spending time with his wife and two daughters, playing guitar during those rare moments of spare time, eating pizza, and enjoying red wine. Michael's photographic work can be seen on permanent display at our South State Street gallery.

215 968-2246
2 South State Street, Newtown, PA, 18940
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