@countryside_gallery would like to invite you to our March 2021 Artist Exhibition.
A Collaborative Show with @_sevenwashere_ and @wild.light.project
2 South State Street
Newtown Pennsylvania 18940
Sunday - Monday 11am - 4pm
Tuesday - Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday - Saturday 10am - 7pm
Displayed artwork will be viewable at our 2 South Street location from March 5th through April 3rd.
The Wild Light Project:
The Wild Light Project was founded by Philadelphia based photographer Mercedes Spinetti in 2018. Beginning as a short study of landscape photographs, Wild Light Project ultimately grew into the collection of nature, portrait and exploration work that it is today. Mercedes' inclination toward natural elements is translated through her work with the primary use of natural light and a subdued approach to her subject. Compiled, the Wild Light Project photographs build an authentic narrative.
Seven Strikes:
Bucks County native Seven Strikes always dreamed of making a splash in the art world and those dreams materialized when he started as a tattoo artist at the young age of 20. The owner of Seven Strikes Studio is living the American dream. Seven came to the States at the age of nine. His journey didn't stop there. A lover of arts, theater, dance, and performance, helped shape this entrepreneur into the man he is today. Shortly after opening a tattoo studio in the heart of Bucks County, Seven also created a workplace and a studio for his blossoming fine art career. Drawn early to urban art, graffiti, and graphic design, Seven honed his skills learned on the streets painting murals into the beautiful gesso canvas works he creates for gallery exhibitions today.

215 968-2246
2 South State Street, Newtown, PA, 18940
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